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Tips To Remember About Your Beer Keg

Party hosts, bartenders and restaurant owners alike all know the importance and value that a beer keg can provide. While bottles are normally sold in liquor stores and some grocery stores around the world, these three groups of people need a bulk solution in order to satisfy the large groups of people that they have to serve alcohol to. However, with the great power that the valuable keg provides also comes a great responsibility in order to keep that keg valuable. Let us now discuss some tips and reminders to remember about your beer keg in order to keep your guests and customers happy.

The Importance of the Beer Tap

Make sure that you invest in a good quality Beer Tap. In today's world of business, there are a lot of areas where we are able to cut corners to maintain quality and save a few bucks by going with a cheaper, low-quality solution. Working with beer taps, however, is not one of those areas. The beer tap is going to be the key tool that you use to release the beer from the keg. If you invest in low-quality taps, they are more likely to break and malfunction frequently, which will be bad for business. Investing in a high quality beer tap and choosing the type of tap that matches your business needs will prevent these problems from happening.

The CO2 Tank

If you are using a keg that uses a CO2 tank for the pressure dispensing system, it is important to keep this tank stored upright. Why? If it is not, the tank will not function as it should and could damage the regulator. When it comes to using the pressure from these tanks, you need to make sure that you apply just the right amount of pressure continuously. Applying too much pressure will cause the beer to flow too quickly and be foamy with large bubbles. Therefore, the presentation of your beer in a glass will not look desirable and you will run out of beer too quickly. Since the CO2 is released from the beer when it hits your glass or mug, applying too little pressure will still make the beer foamy and flat very quickly. Most bars focus on dispensing their beer at 10 to 12 PSI (pound-force per square inch).

Keep It Fresh, Cold & Clean

After the beer is initially tapped, it will stay good inside of the keg about a month, maybe even a month and a half. This is very important for party hosts and bar owners because you need to keep this in mind when it comes to serving from the same keg over an extended period of time. Bacteria will spoil everything, especially beer, regardless of how it is maintained and stored. However, not keeping the keg and tap clean will only speed this process up. There are cleaning kits and cleaning equipment sold on the market that you need to invest in and use regularly to make sure that this does not happen.